Micah – Justice and Mercy


8 Apr 2018
Standing in the Courtroom of God (Micah 1)
by Joon Edward Sim

Oftentimes, Christians get too casual with God. Standing before him, however, we find ourselves in the courtroom of heaven, confronted by his holiness, and our sinfulness. We stand guilty, condemned and judged. We lament. And yet, for those in Christ, the lament is with hope, even joy as we look to the one who was punished for us, leaving us with an undeserved verdict of ‘not guilty’ in the courtroom of God.

15 Apr 2018
Justice for the Oppressed (Micah 2:1-13)
by Tan Huai Tze

In Micah 2, God sends Micah to address the greedy land barons who grabbed the land of the weak and vulnerable, leaving them with nothing. God will not stand by and leave this injustice unaddressed. He rebukes the greedy oppressors and exposes their religious conspirators, warning them of coming judgement. But he also provides a way of restoration for those who will trust in his Shepherd-King. This figure points forward to the ultimate Shepherd-King – Jesus – who lays down his life for his sheep.

22 Apr 2018
Calling Out The Corrupt (Micah 3:1-12)
by Tan Huai Tze

God is a God of justice, and he appoints leaders to rule his people with justice. In Micah’s day, the rulers were corrupt and exploited the people for personal gain. The preachers of the day were also corrupt, preaching whatever message they were paid for. Worse still, they presumed on the grace of God, and thought no disaster would befall them. The God of justice will not stand for it, and calls out corruption and condemns it. At the same time, the failings of the leaders pointed forward to a perfect prophet, priest and King who would endure God’s judgement for the sake of the penitent.

29 Apr 2018
Restoration Hope (Micah 4:1-5)
by Tan Huai Tze

Even as God calls out idolatry, injustice and corruption, he makes a promise of restoration in the last days. God will restore his name, ways and peace, through Jesus Christ (Hebrews 1:1-2) who was lifted up on the cross and draws people from every nation to himself.

6 May 2018
The God of Comebacks (Micah 4:6-13)
by Eugene Low

We all like a good comeback story, but God’s comeback story is the most poignant of them all. His people have sinned against him grievously and will be exiled. He promises to gather them again and restore them, not in spite of, but through judgment. The predicament is resolved in Jesus who bears the judgement of God on behalf of his people. All this so God’s people can truly come back to him.

13 May 2018
The Most Unexpected King (Micah 5:1-6)
by Jacob Ng

God saves his people in the most unexpected way, through a most unexpected way. This King comes as a shepherd, to gently lead his people back to him. Ultimately, the shepherd-king is Jesus Christ, strong and nurturing, firm and faithful, unexpected yet most needed.

20 May 2018
The God Who Saves Us From Ourselves (Micah 5:7-15)
by Kenneth Teo

In the face of certain judgement, God offers His errant people promises of hope. He promises to deliver his remnant from their foes, free them from their self-reliant faithlessness and end their self-made idolatry. All of these promises find their fulfilment in the cross of Jesus Christ, where God’s shepherd King brings true redemption and security to his people.

27 May 2018
Back in Court (Micah 6:1-8)
by Tan Huai Tze

In the courtroom of God, God raises a charge against his people and has a solid case. Ironically, the people make a case against God in their hearts. God demonstrates his innocence by reminding them of his faithfulness. They respond in religious ritual, but that is not enough: God requires conformity of life to his justice and love.

3 Jun 2018
When the World Goes Topsy Turvy (Micah 6:9-7:7)
by Kenneth Teo

In the courtroom of heaven, God’s people have been found guilty of neglecting his justice and kindness. Evil is rampant and judgement is imminent. Yet, in the midst of his woe, Micah clings to hope. A hope grounded in repentance. A hope grounded in God’s promises to restore. A hope that finds fulfilment in the salvation brought about by Jesus Christ.

10 Jun 2018
Who Is Like Our God? (Micah 7:8-20)
by Tan Huai Tze

The Book of Micah draws to a close by bringing into sharp focus who God is, and what he is like. Micah shows us that he is a God who rescues undeserving sinners, restored the ruined, protects, cares for and pardons. The tension of how he can be just and yet loving is finally resolved in Jesus: He was punished in our place, so that we could be pardoned instead!