Psalms – Learning the Language of Prayer


11 Jun 2017
The Penitent’s Prayer (Psalm 51)
by Lim Soon Beng

Psalm 51, also known as the penitent’s prayer, gives us the language of repentance. It lays bare our guilt and points to the grace of God which is the basis of forgiveness, and shows us how we can express our gratitude for pardoned sin.

18 Jun 2017
Praying in Awe (Psalm 29)
by Tan Huai Tze

Awe of God is a prerequisite of a vital spiritual life. Without awe, we will not see God’s majesty, and will not come to him and pray to him as we should. In this Psalm, David, the Psalmist invites us to stand in awe of God, even as He is revealed in a ferocious storm.

25 Jun 2017
The God who Rescues (Psalm 40)
by Tan Huai Tze

King David teaches us how to reach out to God in prayer in times of tragedy. He shows us that God desires to hear and deliver the one who obeys Him and delights in Him. We are those who obey and delight in God, through the One who did perfectly obey and delight in God, Jesus Christ. We can be confident that God hears us, because of His obedience on our behalf.