Psalms – The Songs of Jesus


26 Nov 2017
King of the Nations (Psalm 2)
by Tan Huai Tze

As we prepare our hearts for Christmas, Psalm 2 reminds us that Jesus is the King of the nations. Though the nations rage against him, his powerful rule is unchallengeable, and so resistance is futile. However, it is a good rule, for the good of his people, because he is the one that purchased the nations with his own blood. We can gladly submit to him, for our joy.

3 Dec 2017
The King who Fights for You (Psalm 20)
by Tan Huai Tze

God gives us leaders and resources for what he wants us to do in the world. However, our trust is not in these things, but in God himself. We can trust this God because He gives us a King who was willing to die for us, and rise in victory: Jesus.

10 Dec 2017
The Triumph of the King, For Us (Psalm 21)
by Daniel Chew

We read and follow celebrities and royalty, yet they are mostly distant from us, not affecting us personally. Sometimes we might think of Christianity and Jesus Christ in the same way – distant and remote from our daily struggles, lofty and abstract even if true. But is that really the case? In Psalms 21, we look at the high exaltation of the King, King Jesus, and see how this seemingly remote truth actually has very personal implications and benefits for those who put their faith in this King. We are not left to choose between majesty and compassion, but our King Jesus is majestic in His compassion, and compassionate in His majesty, triumphing over His enemies, for us and for our good.

17 Dec 2017
Just King (Psalm 72)
by Tan Huai Tze

Jesus is God’s just and righteous King. When he reigns, the people prosper, the poor are cared for, and there is joy in the abundance and flourishing that Jesus brings. God’s King reigns over those who recognise themselves as poor and needy before a holy God, and humble themselves to receive his ultimate provision for their need for forgiveness: his own death on the cross for their sins.